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The real draw of the evening is JC McCann as the Creature. I love going to shows where I see a great young talent shine through even less than stellar material. He brings a pathos and gravitas to the role which holds our attention to the very end. He is also a fine young baritone who is clearly a star on the rise. - Times Square Chronicles, Jeffrey Lyle Segal


The star of the show is, of course, Joseph, and JC McCann delivers with his smooth, big voice that brings down the house with "Close Every Door." - The Philadelphia Inquirer


JC McCann, as our protagonist Joseph, shines with his charming voice, likeable stage presence, and strong acting skills. His chemistry with the fellow actors is spot on. He captures the inner confidence, loyalty, and intelligence of Joseph wonderfully. The emotion in his voice makes the musical number “Close Every Door” a highlight. His duet with the narrator in “Any Dream Will Do” is another stand out moment. - NY Theatre Guide

It is in “Close Every Door” that we finally get to hear a solo from the lead character. JC McCann as Joseph delivered a well-sung, warm and soulful performance that could easily compete with Donny Osmond’s rendition in the 90’s production. - Budweiser Gardens Reviewer

JC McCann (Joseph) was one of the shows small redemptions. His performance of “Close Every Door” sung clearly, actually reached the emotion that the moment deserved. McCann plays Joseph as a man who walks the line between arrogance and genuine greatness, giving a layer of depth to the character that was unexpected. - Hennepin Theatre Trust

JC McCann, as Joseph, embraced the role through his acting, singing, and emotions. McCann artistically and realistically demonstrated the transformation Joseph experiences. In the first act Joseph is timid, sharing his dreams quietly and trusting in his family. By the end of the show Joseph grows more confident in himself, boldly sharing his interpretations of dreams. - Spotlight Theatre Trust

McCann carries the show as Joseph and manages to portray the right amount of humility and strength for the role. - Aisle Say Twin Cities

JC McCann as Curly was a thoroughbred, singing and dancing his heart out while winning the audience over as a bronco-busting cowboy. - The Coloradoan

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